How to Prepare for and Begin GAPS {Stage 1 Information – Part 1}

Just a note at the beginning – the most important part of this post is at the end (the last 2 bullet points).  So if you don’t look at all of this, at least go look at the end to

How to Prepare for GAPS {Stocking Up}

This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but it is inspired also by one of the dearest people in my life who is preparing to do GAPS.  So I will be doing a series of

Meal Plan! Week 4 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

Roasted Okra…This was a huge hit in my eating world last week…had to share that this is up there with roasted cauliflower and squash fries for me!!  (All I did was cut the okra, put in a baking dish, put

The Past Week in Links

There have been so many great things I have been reading over the past week or so on some of my favorite food/health websites.  I thought I’d start sharing some of my favorites every now and then.  I am so

Meal Plan! Week 3 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

Well, it is week 3 of the meal planning challenge, and yes, I totally skipped week 2!  I am awesome.  And yes, I have been absent here a while.  We have basically been sick around here for the past 3

Meal Plan! Beginning…{Plan It – Don't Panic}

I am excited to begin a little meal planning challenge with one of my most favorite websites “Keeper of the Home”.  It’s called “Plan It – Don’t Panic” and it’s for 6 weeks.  I will be sharing my meal plan

Today's Food Fun! And It really WAS fun!

 Chicken Enchiladas (well, just the chicken and sauce part…) and Cauliflower Rice… Mmmm…this was so yummy!  I am battling the end of a sickness turned into attack on my left sinus cavity, so I think my taste buds were a

Eggs in a Nest – Fun Breakfast!!

 I used to do eggs fried inside a holed piece of bread when we ate grains… I had never thought to do something fun like this with veggies, though!  I saw the idea here...and I already had some zucchini and