Rendering Lard and why it might now be one of my most favorite things to make…

Lard.  A few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of eating/using lard.  Lard?! FAT?!  I am so glad God has led us to change our eating ways.  Isn’t it beautiful?  (this is the lard after rendering and

Easy Brisket or Ribs with GAPS/Paleo Barbeque Sauce {Recipe}

Pin It This is so very easy and simple! I love easy meals, especially when they turn out as yummy and crowd pleasing as this did. My husband loved this (as did I) and our two little boys ate it

Creamy Cauliflower Meatball Soup {GAPS Stage 1 Recipe and beyond}

This is a simple recipe that you can easily modify to fit your taste preferences and dietary tolerances.  We all enjoyed this soup – it is something I will fix again for sure!  I don’t think I would serve it

Baked Custard {Recipe – GAPS/Paleo}

Update: Find a slightly more simple recipe here in my Baked Custard – Take 2 Post.  I still prefer the custard recipe below as it is richer in taste, but I also love the ‘take 2’ version!  We like custard. 

Baked Custard {Recipe – GAPS/Paleo} Take 2 – Even Easier!

Mmmmm….look at all that custard…I love making custard like I shared about here.  I make it WAY too often now that I have discovered it is a great use for coconut milk and a great way to get more of

Recipe Updates

Here are some updates I needed to post to certain recipes.  I have updated the original pages with the changes and notes as well.  These are all some of our favorite things to eat around here! Homemade Larabars I love these

Breakfast Casseroles {Recipes – GAPS, Paleo}

Updates: Coconut milk works surprisingly well in place of yogurt or kefir.  I wanted to try it for those who can’t use even cultured milk, and it worked very well!  You do not taste coconut at all – just use

Larabars and Laraballs {Recipe} and Soaking and Dehydrating Nuts {Method}

Update: I have updated the chocolate larabar recipe with amounts if you use only almonds.  See the recipe below! How have I never had one of these before?!  I still haven’t had an official one from the store, but I