Things I WILL Try Soon!

I am so excited to get into doing these things soon.  Hopefully soon means less than a month from now.  Right now I am debating whether I want to buy a nap mat for little mister or try and sew

It Finally Happened…

Twice in 1 week.  Someone basically asked me why I was buying so much of something. 1) At the farmer’s market last weekend, the sweet girl who works at the farm we get a lot of our produce from finally

Another Fantastic Recipe: Stewed Chicken with Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes

We tried this recipe a couple weeks ago and loved it!  It is appropriate for Stage 2 and beyond – we just used gently boiled chicken on top of the vegetables instead of how it is directed in the recipe. 

A MUST make recipe no matter how you eat!

Carrot soup. Doesn’t sound that amazing, does it? I mean, who would think some carrots boiled in some chicken broth and pureed could be one of the best soups ever? Not me. But now we know. We all LOVE this

Preparation Day – a Must for GAPS or even just a busy life!

Taking a couple hours once or twice a week (depending on how much you cook and your family size) to do a lot of vegetable and meat prep work makes world of difference in getting nourishing meals prepared and on

A Busy Week – Birthday Cakes!!

This past week has been crazier than normal – preparing for our 3 yr old’s birthday party and hubby had a lot going on this week.  So at some point I decided to take a break from posting our everyday

GAPS journey: Day 10 & 11 Intro

Stage: we are in stage 3! This makes a huge difference because we can make a meal or two out of something that is not a soup.  Although we still love the soups, and I find myself craving those above

GAPS journey: Day 3 & 4 Intro

(Yes, this is a week late!  I am going to combine our first week days to catch up!) Day 3…ah, that was a Monday, but it actually went pretty well! Praise God! However, I was going back and forth between