Best Butternut Squash Soup

This weekend was a gloomy one. It was cold, grey, and snowy – yes SNOWY! It’s officially winter here. Earlier than usual, unfortunately. The snow usually starts falling early-mid november. It just means we have to bundle up to go

Easy Meal – Beef with Tomatoes {Recipe – GAPS/Paleo}

I am posting this mainly for my sister who keeps asking me for it.  🙂  I have also been thinking a lot lately about easy meals – simple prep work, easy cooking, not a lot of time, and good outcome. 

Kombucha Update

Update: Here’s my most recent kombucha update. Remember how I grew my own kombucha SCOBY?!  And then I attempted my first batch of the yummy tart fizzy amazing stuff?  Well, here’s what happened… I let my kombucha sit for 8

The Why, What, When, and Who – Take 1

People often ask me why we eat the way we do.  That question is hard to answer in a simple and concise way.  I am not good with being ‘to the point’ in general, so articulating something that has been

Kombucha Update #2

Over the past few months, I have learned a few things about making Kombucha that I thought I would share in case it can help anyone else – either those of you trying to make Kombucha or those of you

Rendering Lard and why it might now be one of my most favorite things to make…

Lard.  A few years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of eating/using lard.  Lard?! FAT?!  I am so glad God has led us to change our eating ways.  Isn’t it beautiful?  (this is the lard after rendering and

Easy Brisket or Ribs with GAPS/Paleo Barbeque Sauce {Recipe}

Pin It This is so very easy and simple! I love easy meals, especially when they turn out as yummy and crowd pleasing as this did. My husband loved this (as did I) and our two little boys ate it

Baked Custard {Recipe – GAPS/Paleo}

Update: Find a slightly more simple recipe here in my Baked Custard – Take 2 Post.  I still prefer the custard recipe below as it is richer in taste, but I also love the ‘take 2’ version!  We like custard.