A Busy Week – Birthday Cakes!!

This past week has been crazier than normal – preparing for our 3 yr old’s birthday party and hubby had a lot going on this week.  So at some point I decided to take a break from posting our everyday diet (and also, we were eating pretty much the same eggs, veggies, pancakes, soup every day so I didn’t think I was leaving much out).  Although I do have exciting cake and icing recipes to share (none my own, as most things aren’t! I just find other people’s good ideas!).  I am fairly confident that they are all completely full GAPS friendly. 

I tested all of these out on family and friends and everyone seemed to like them a lot (of course, they could just be being nice).  I actually LOVED all of them. 

Note: we have noticed the effect of eating these cakes (um, we might have eaten more than we should…) on our tiredness levels and digestion and bloating.  TMI right?  🙂  Oh, and we ate barbequed meat (avoided black parts) and salad with berries, parmesan, and homemade full GAPS legal salad dressing.  And some raw cheese.  And some raw milk.  Had to confess…

So, go to the “GAPS Recipes” tab at the top and look under the dessert section for these:
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (so good!  I especially loved it cold.)
Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing (this icing is rich and SO good – I don’t think you can taste the coconut oil and I loved it, especially cold as well!  It made the cake heavy and dense, which I love.  But having it room temperature is good, too – the cake is very fluffy!)
Banana Bread (I sent this to sweet husband’s work and everyone raved about this.  We love this with lots of butter!  And some honey drizzled on it would be amazing, too!)

Enjoy and we’ll be back this week with GAPS updates and new posts!  Although it might be slow because we are preparing for a wedding this next weekend and have a lot to do to prepare food to take with us! 

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