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Meal Plan! Week 7 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

Here’s my meal plan for the week.  Usually things don’t go exactly as planned, but it is awesome to have this plan in place, as it is easily adjustable if things don’t go as planned.  It is such a blessing

Meal Plan! Week 6 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

Last week hit us with a stomach bug in all 3 of the men in the house, me with a nasty cold, and our house with an issue.  So…all that to say we had a night of impromptu eating out

GAPS {Stage 2 Information} and When to Move On

Now, I don’t claim to be very experienced at doing GAPS intro slowly or at doing it with trying to deal with difficult issues.  We did this intro diet to reset our guts, to help clear out bad stuff, and

Meal Plan! Week 5 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

I am loving doing this.  It is helping so much with my peace of mind, preparation, and order during the week.  I also plan on starting to do monthly planning starting in November, so having these weeks of plans on

How to Prepare for and Begin GAPS {Stage 1 Information – Part 2}

Ah, Stage 1…. After I rambled on for so long on my last post, I am going to do a simple post with recipes that we have enjoyed that are stage 1 appropriate.  HA.  I laugh at myself when I

How to Prepare for and Begin GAPS {Stage 1 Information – Part 1}

Just a note at the beginning – the most important part of this post is at the end (the last 2 bullet points).  So if you don’t look at all of this, at least go look at the end to

How to Prepare for GAPS {Stocking Up}

This is a post I’ve been wanting to do for some time, but it is inspired also by one of the dearest people in my life who is preparing to do GAPS.  So I will be doing a series of

Meal Plan! Week 4 {Plan It – Don't Panic}

Roasted Okra…This was a huge hit in my eating world last week…had to share that this is up there with roasted cauliflower and squash fries for me!!  (All I did was cut the okra, put in a baking dish, put