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A Busy Week – Birthday Cakes!!

This past week has been crazier than normal – preparing for our 3 yr old’s birthday party and hubby had a lot going on this week.  So at some point I decided to take a break from posting our everyday

GAPS journey: Day 10 & 11 Intro

Stage: we are in stage 3! This makes a huge difference because we can make a meal or two out of something that is not a soup.  Although we still love the soups, and I find myself craving those above

GAPS journey: Day 3 & 4 Intro

(Yes, this is a week late!  I am going to combine our first week days to catch up!) Day 3…ah, that was a Monday, but it actually went pretty well! Praise God! However, I was going back and forth between

GAPS journey: Day 9 Intro

I am jumping to Day 9 because I need to get caught up somehow!  I WILL go back and detail all the other days – I have notes for them, but just have to make posts.  I want to reflect

GAPS journey: Day 2 Intro

Day 2 was actually this past Sunday – I might be a little behind, but I think it’s pretty good considering I feel like all I’ve been doing is cooking/prepping food, doing dishes, and going to different stores for different

GAPS journey: Day 1 Intro

Since this is the very first blog post I am doing here, I should give some information about us, why we are doing GAPS, and how we got prepared for it.  BUT we have two little crazy boys and doing

Best Grain-Free Brownies

This week I had to make a special treat for movie night with my friend Eryn. Since both our men are out of town right now it was the perfect opportunity to get together for girl talk, a chick flick,

My New Blog and Pumpkin Blondies (gluten free and vegan)

Welcome to my new bloggie! It’s a new beginning! Food and Yoga for Life is my new nook on the web for sharing food, yoga, and life with you. I’m so excited about it. So why am I starting a