GAPS journey: Day 2 Intro

Day 2 was actually this past Sunday – I might be a little behind, but I think it’s pretty good considering I feel like all I’ve been doing is cooking/prepping food, doing dishes, and going to different stores for different produce items.  Oh, and not to mention keeping up with our little boys and keeping them from hurting themselves or each other… 🙂 

Here’s a so wonderful picture of some of my stockpiled prepped vegetables and broth…(ignore the milk in the back, it was for some friends who needed to pick it up).  

So on to the fun!

What we ate:
Hamburger Soup again (I suggest making at least a double batch one time and saving it for more meals!  Our boys and I don’t seem to get tired of it!)
Blended yellow summer squash/zucchini soup, boiled chicken with good amounts of salt (we use himalayan for grinding on our food at the table because celtic sea salt is so difficult to grind and clumps and takes forever to get a decent amount on our food).  I based the soup on the recipe I have linked, but adjusted it to fit intro.  I simply brought my stock to a boil, added the onions and simmered until those were soft.  Then I added the zucchini and squash and garlic, simmered until those vegetables were soft.  Then I used my immersion blender (cheap one from target, but it works great!) to blend it all together.  So I did leave out any non-intro friendly ingredients and just salted to taste. 
– I threw together a quick soup before church Sunday afternoon (we go to our church’s evening service).  I just brought some of my chicken stock to a boil, dumped in a bag (1 lb) of frozen organic broccoli florets (I LOVE Costco) and then added chopped boiled chicken once the broccoli was cooked.  (And as if this isn’t getting annoyingly repetitive, lots of celtic salt!)  We actually all LOVED this soup.  So yummy. 
– More of our ‘juice’ to get us through lulls and just because it is so yummy.  We originally got this ‘tea’ recipe from here when we were sick sometime this past winter. 
– The boys also had butternut squash (they’ll eat that stuff all day long if we let them!) as a snack at church.  Little 3 yr old man also obeyed well and didn’t eat crackers during snack time at church! 

How we felt:
Overall, I would say day 2 was better than day 1 by far.  I was still having a bad attitude about no coffee, but graciously, the Lord is teaching me a lot through this.  The boys did well, but little man wanted to eat at bedtime, so he just ate lots of broccoli. 

Sweet hubby man and I both noticed that we were much less tired during church than normal (it’s from about 4-7, and usually we eat something totally not GAPS friendly in our bible study class and get very sleepy during church because of it!).  I thought that our tiredness was partly due to diet before GAPS and partly just the time of day and having little kids, but I really think food is so much a factor in this! 

After eating dinner, we both still wanted desserts, but we had some chamomile tea with a little honey (I don’t know how much exactly is intro approved, but if someone says ‘to taste’, I take that literally, and I like honey taste…oh well…). 

That was day 2!  I spent much of the day when I could in the kitchen prepping veggies and making several soups, one of which we ate on day 3…and hopefully I’ll catch up on my days soon! 

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