Hannah's Visit and Carob Mousse

As I mentioned in my last few posts, the lovely Hannah of Wayfaring Chocolate has just traveled up to the great north for a visit! As you may know, I have a great love for Australia and have been there twice. You can check out a few of my posts here, here, here and here. The climate, land, food, and especially the people. Hannah’s visit brought back all the amazing memories of my trips to OZ…. ah, how I dream of going back a third time…

Our visit was wonderful and we’ve dreamt up plans for a summer visit – after all, that’s the very best time of year for visitors here. The cold weather kept us inside a lot of the time but that was just fine and actually I think the Universe set it up that way for several reasons (ironically all our pics were taken outside).

One day J took us for a float plane ride around town. Much fun… well, until I felt nauseous in the back, lol. The wind bumped us around a little. (Pic by Hannah).

Here’s one of the planes, called the beaver, that J flew all this summer. It’s inside for repair at the moment. (Pic by Hannah).

Happy soul sister dancing around the fire pit!

We made raw nori rolls for dinner one night. Parsnip rice, red peppers, spiralized zucchini, cucumber, avocado, carrot, and cilantro were the fillings.

While we didn’t do much in the kitchen in terms of food prep, we did make one dessert. Carob Mousse! Hannah adores carob just like I do – even more I think! We tweaked the topping for my Double Choco Strawberry Cake in Raw Food Carob Desserts to make the most luscious carob mousse ever. Even J became a carob lover after trying it. That says a lot because to this point he hasn’t liked it.

We topped it with chopped lucuma coconut coated cashews. 

I’m so grateful for another Aussie soul sister and for our time together! 

On a pumpkin note, did you catch my recipe for Raw vegan pumpkin Pie on Sweetly Raw? Yup, totally raw! 

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