It Finally Happened…

Twice in 1 week. 

Someone basically asked me why I was buying so much of something.

1) At the farmer’s market last weekend, the sweet girl who works at the farm we get a lot of our produce from finally (she’s been seeing us buy crazy amounts consistently for a while now) asked ‘what do you do with all the squash?’.  This after getting us one of their CSA boxes to put JUST zucchini, yellow summer squash, and butternut squash in. 

2) Some girl behind me checking out at whole foods said ‘you making something with lots of tomatoes?’ in reference to the 4 jars each of pureed tomatoes and tomato paste I was buying.  I didn’t even think that was very much of that stuff.  It’s a simple ‘stock up’ on something that really won’t even last very long…I am guessing she doesn’t have kids.  Ah, I am so judgmental. 

Both things made me laugh because I’m pretty sure there are many more people who wonder why my cart is filled with things like 4 heads of cauliflower, 4 bags of onions, and wiping out the limited selection of butternut and spaghetti squashes…and I also love it when I buy many many boxes of butter.  Sometimes I wonder what people think…especially the people buying vegan buttery spreads and veggie burgers.  😮 

Just call me a weirdo.

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