Recipes to Share, including Christmas Recipes we loved

Just random recipes I thought I would share!  This is a completely random collection of recipes. 

I want to try this.  I’ll let you know if I love it… Salmon Chowder.

Things I’ve tried and love:

  • Bacon Candy (GAPS/Paleo)
  • Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites (Paleo since sweet potatoes aren’t GAPS legal)
  • Salisbury Steak (GAPS/Paleo) (I didn’t use the coconut milk in the gravy and it was delicious.)
  • Salmon with chimichurri sauce (used leftovers of this sauce on salad with yogurt drizzled over it as well and loved it!).  
  • Ultimate Beef and Liver Chili  (We loved this.  It really is delicious and a great way to get liver into your diet.  I can’t stand liver, but I loved this.  Note: After eating it the first night, I added tomato puree (bionaturae brand in glass jars – 24oz) and I thought this made it even more delicious and closer tasting to chili we used to make.  So, from now on, I will make it following her recipe, but add 1 bottle of this!)
  • Grain Free Mini Pizzas (Love these and our boys love them!  Quick and easy snack or meal.  If you can’t or don’t use cheese, I think these are great without cheese – just sauce and some meat on top.  Not exactly like a pizza without cheese, but still fun and tasty!  Pardon the messy example here – I just had raw cheese curds, not shredded cheese, so they look a little crazy!)
  • Marshmallows (original) (In case my last chocolate marshmallow crazed post didn’t communicate enough how much I love these.)
  •  Yellow Coconut Cake with Chocolate butter cream frosting  (the cake is good! it doesn’t taste like coconut, and I even used coconut milk.  But what’s amazing is the frosting!  I didn’t have coffee on hand and so I added a little bit of salt to the frosting to enhance the chocolate flavor and it is AMAZING.  I just got new raw honey in that has to be scooped it is so thick, and it makes the frosting thick and stable almost like frosting out of a can that I used to eat with a spoon.)
  • Leftover Turkey Stew (I know it might be a little late on this, but we still have some turkey meat and broth in our freezer we could use this for.  We made it once already and like it a lot!  The picture below is before it cooked, hence the lack of turkey :-). )

Successful things from Christmas Dinner: 

  • Stuffing (We LOVED this and I will probably be making this every now and then throughout the year because it is that good!  It is also great for a good and easy breakfast – use leftovers and scramble with some eggs.  Mmmm… I did not use any of the spicy spices :-).  Seriously, though, this was amazing.)
  • Sweet Potato Casserole (Paleo but not GAPS friendly.  To make it GAPS friendly, you could use butternut squash instead of sweet potato and honey in the candied pecans.  I would share substitutions, but I haven’t tried it :-). )
    •  Sweet Potato Casserole {Recipe – Paleo}
      • Ingredients: 
        • 4-5 medium/large sweet potatoes
        • 1/2 – 1 tsp fresh grated ginger (peel and freeze, then grate!)
        • 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
        • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
        • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup
        • 1 tsp vanilla
        • 4 Tbsp organic grassfed butter
        • 1/2 cup raw cream or coconut milk (you really can’t taste coconut!)
        • 2 eggs
        • 1 cup chopped candied pecans (these are so good!)
      • Process: 
        • Bake the sweet potatoes in the oven until nice and soft, take out and remove skin
        • In a large mixing bowl, mix sweet potatoes with all other ingredients except pecans.  You can either mix simply by using a potato masher if you want a finished casserole that has a little more texture, or you can use a mixer or stick blender to make a less textured, softer casserole.  I have done it both ways and loved it both times!
        • Place in a baking dish of your choice (pie dish or square dish works well) and top with chopped candied pecans.  Bake uncovered for about 30 minutes at 350*. 
    • Cranberry Sauces (Chunky) (Blended and Gelatin-y)  (We love both of these and if I can find frozen cranberries, I will make this again before Thanksgiving/Christmas!  We doubled both recipes and froze in small glass containers.  It freezes well and our little boys loved it mixed with leftover turkey.  Therefore, I think they’d easily eat chicken mixed with this.  Easy lunch for littles? YAY!)

    Hope you enjoy!

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