Things I WILL Try Soon!

I am so excited to get into doing these things soon.  Hopefully soon means less than a month from now.  Right now I am debating whether I want to buy a nap mat for little mister or try and sew my own before Thursday this week.  I think in this case, with trying to do some ministry stuff and keep up with GAPS cooking, sweet hubby might say it’s best to spend the money on one rather than make myself crazy trying to sew something like that when I don’t really know very much about sewing…

Well, that was random. 

So back to things I WILL be doing soon. 

Ferments and Fats. 

That sounds so fun, doesn’t it?  Who doesn’t love fat (in your eating, DUH) and really, I just will feel so adventurous and connected to 100 years ago if I can conquer my fear of fermenting something…

I WILL RENDER (and use!!!) LARD!!!  

photo credit: lysney kramer in the post linked above

This post does a fantastic job talking about fats and why (good, clean, pastured) lard is so good for us.  This also happens to be the family farm our lard comes from.  I just recently bought many pounds of pork fat.  Never thought I’d say that.  But I can’t wait to render me some lard for some good cooking and nutrition!  I also might be doing this with our beef fat from our 1/2 cow purchase from the same beloved farm.  MMM beef tallow…on butternut squash fries…


I can’t WAIT to try this.  Why?  Well, if you know my kombucha love (okay, that’s like 4 people who know, but hey…) you know I could spend our entire income on GT’s kombucha at the store and be a happy probiotic filled lady.  Did I just call myself a lady?  Wow, I might need to go to bed.  Anyway, it’s expensive.  And I happen to love that stuff.  And I always notice that it helps me in many ways when I drink it.  And I am excited to try it with raw honey instead of using sugar. 

This post makes this seem very easy.  There are instructions everywhere, but for some reason reading it there seemed so simple.  Fermented foods (and especially home-fermented) are powerhouse foods.  They provide amazing beneficial bacteria to our guts to heal our digestive systems and also defend us against the bad stuff.  I also don’t enjoy relying on a tiny jar of raw sauerkraut from the Whole Foods in Sugar Land 20+ minutes away for $10 each.  Yep.   I also want to make Kimchi!

Enjoy looking into these things!  🙂 

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