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As I mentioned in my first post on this blog, I plan on doing lots of yoga dvd reviews. All the videos you’ll see on here are ones that I’ve owned for years and really enjoy. I’ve tried lots of different videos – some are great, some are ok, and some weren’t worth my money. You know what I’m talking about.

Shiva Rea is a well known name in the world of yoga. I find her presence soft, soothing, meditative, and yet strong. I notice myself really going inward even in her challenging series.

One of Shiva’s dvds that I love is Yoga Shakti. There are lots of great things about it…

The unique “yoga matrix” allows a person to customize their own practice. This means you can pick and choose what segments you do and in what order you do them. You can make it super challenging if you’re feeling particularly strong, or you can tone it down if you need a softer practice.

The dvd is suited to all levels, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a complete beginner. I feel you need some basic yoga skills to feel really comfortable with this series because some of the flows are quite quick, and in general she doesn’t take much time to go over alignments.

The setting is beautiful, and I’m big on visuals so yes this does matter to me. She’s set on a beach in the Maldives and it feels soothing to me to see the water and the beach and sky along with her voice.

I generally like start with one of the breathing segments, followed by a few of the fast flows to get my body warm, and then I enjoy the shoulder opener segment or a few of the other stretching ones. I like a few arm balances in there too, and sometimes I choose the meditation. I always go for savasana at the end. This way I feel like I’m getting a balanced yoga practice.

This is the right dvd for you if you want to challenge yourself with her offered arm balances and things like shoulder stand and plow. When I first got the video years ago, I had to stop it several times while trying to learn the arm balances because it was a bit fast, and I got discouraged at first. So I recommend having the remote nearby, or maybe even go back to the arm balances after doing a regular practice. Then you’re not interrupting your flow.

Now I can do arm balances easily! On that note, is anyone interested in learning how to do arm balances? It’s something I really love to challenge myself with and would be fun to share one of these days if there’s some interest. Maybe I could do some videos on it….

Anyway, I highly recommend this fabulous dvd if you’re looking for variety, a workout, and a challenge.

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