Zucchini Fritters, Breakfast Sausage, and our favorite weed, and a cookie…

I was supposed to post about something else next, but the other thing takes a little more research and putting thoughts together, and I don’t have that in my mental abilities tonight :-). 

But wow, this title makes it look like we ate a lot tonight.  Okay, maybe we did. 

Here goes…I am totally giving a boring post with no pictures because I didn’t take any.  Ah well…

Recipe: Zucchini Fritters.  Sounds exciting, huh?  Well, seriously, take my word for it and promise me you will cook them in bacon grease.  And also, you should definitely wring the shredded zucchini out in cheesecloth or paper towels, or at least let it sit a while and drain out the excess water.  Our batter was very watery by the time I actually cooked them, but they still were super yummy, just a little hard to flip. 

**GAPS notes: I really think you could leave out the coconut flour, or use almond flour if you tolerate that better.  Also, I think using any animal fat would be the best thing to do, for both nutrition and flavor. 

Recipe: Breakfast Sausage.  I am so excited to find this!  We LOVED this – little boys did, too, and I am excited to use this again and maybe even experiment with it.  Grain-free foodies has another breakfast sausage recipe with different ingredients as well.  I am excited we can make this – it adds so many options to breakfast-type meals, and it doesn’t have sugar! 

**GAPS notes: you could brown this in a little broth to make it easier to digest and earlier stage appropriate.  If you aren’t up for eating super browned meat, just cook it gently so it doesn’t sear. 

Purslane…It’s funny that this weed is so easy to grow, is everywhere in abundance (or so *they* say), does well in drough, is very nutritious, and has a great flavor, raw or cooked, is NOT in our yard.  I’m pretty sure we have every weed besides it.  But we found this at the market this past weekend and were excited since we hadn’t had it since last summer.  We think we’ll try and grow some next year!  I just sauteed it in butter and some lemon juice and some garlic, and we cheated and ate some fresh goat cheese from the market.  It is good by itself and is great in salads, chopped/cut up so you get little bites of bright, citrusy flavor!  I am going to search for a salad to make with cucumbers, purslane, and yogurt! 

Cookie time…
Recipe: Cinnamon Nut Cookie.  We like these – definitely not like a sugar-laden refined wheat death trap you would get at a store, but it totally satisfied my sweet tooth (can I admit I’ve succumbed recently to my always existing battle with a starbucks mocha or iced caramel macchiatto?!  and i can totally tell because I haven’t had any sugar since Thursday and I think my sweet cravings are having die-offs…).  And I love cinnamon.  I added some butter for fat…a couple tablespoons.  Don’t overcook – if the edges or bottoms burn, it tastes bitter.  But this is a keeper for craving emergencies if you can handle nuts.  🙂

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